Tesla Junk Mail

A number of owners and potential owners of Teslas in select locations received some unwanted marketing material with the return address of Tesla in Palo Alto.  The first solicitations were in Southern California, and the second batch was in the San Francisco Bay Area, but likely to specific zip codes.

Junk Mail From Tesla

Junk Mail From Tesla

The envelope uses the words “Courtesy Gift from Tesla”.  Inside the envelope is a envelope with a plastic gift card.  The gift card is simply a 40% discount on some “designer jeans” that typically cost $250 or so.  With some very strange marketing for electric car buyers:

“Experience the denim equivalent of a V12 engine”

At first, the impression on the forums was that somehow a marketing company had broken into the Tesla website and discovered the owners or perhaps they mined the DMV records.  But one unhappy owner received a response back from a Tesla marketing person that it was approved by Tesla!

From the forums, the owners have expressed clear disappointment with Tesla on this program.  Elon has said in the past that he simply does not believe in marketing.  I am surprised this one was approved.  A valid gift might be a free pair of jeans not a discount that put the overpriced jeans into perhaps a reasonable price point for people with comfortable incomes.

The behavior of Tesla in this situation is very disappointing.  The “Gift” is not a gift at all but a nuisance and harmful for the environment.  In the past, they have sent some odd gifts to Roadster owners, but at least the gifts were actual merchandise.

I can’t imagine any scenario why Tesla thinks sending out this advertisement hidden as a gift card to its customers is a good idea.  My only guess is some misguided employee really likes these jeans?  Or that this jean company actually gave Tesla $500,000 or so to dilute their brand and upset their customers?

I neither want the nuisance of snail mail and do not like the environmental impact of printing, shipping, mailing and recycling junk mail.  The “advertising card” is not even recyclable.  At this point, I get so little snail mail, I only check my mail box once a week.  I am on every possible do-not-call or do-not-mail list out there.  I have done this primarily through a manual process.  I opt-out of everything, and I have let organizations know I do not want calls or catalogs.  Some organizations have been very difficult to stop getting junk mail including a few non-profits and some glossy advertisements that are disguised as magazines that are thrown on driveways.

If you have not really started the process, at this point it is a bit easier to work on a larger scale to stop all general solicitations.  These following link is a valid organizations that can bite a large chunk of unwanted solicitations.

Opt out of junk mail:  https://www.catalogchoice.org

Tesla, please put me on your opt-out list for all third party advertisements.

One thought on “Tesla Junk Mail

  1. I’m not sure what’s sillier–calling a discount on something expensive a “gift” . . . or comparing anything to a V12 ENGINE, when speaking to an electric car owner! Good grief….

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