Tesla Awareness

Living here in Silicon Valley, I see Teslas on the road daily.  Within the span of two days with short drives, I was driving behind a Tesla, and then I was followed by a Tesla another day.  I also saw a new Tesla in my immediate neighborhood, and even saw someone with a large camera filming a couple with their new red Tesla.  So needless to say, Teslas are very popular here in Northern California.

Ironically, last night I got a call from a “marketing research company” with an ambiguous  name.  For some reason, I have always been fascinated by surveys.  I do actually fill out most online surveys from hotels and other businesses unless they get long and ask too many obscure questions such as “Did you use our pool?” and “How clean was the pool area” etc…  I am always slightly curious to figure out what they are trying to determine from their questions.

This marketing research company was trying to determine which of a series of small cars someone has the most inclination to buy.  The first question was the make of the car I drove most frequently.  I told them Tesla.  They did not even have Tesla on their list!  The interviewer had heard of Tesla but had to classify the car as “other”.  I was a little taken back after seeing the proliferation of Teslas around me that a market research firm was so behind the times.

The person asked me a series of questions about five small cars and whether or not I would consider buying them.  My first thought was gosh no, I would only consider electric cars in the future, and most likely another Tesla!  Or maybe in 15 years I would replace the ICE SUV for trips way out in the boonies??? But a traditional ICE vehicle?  Heavens, no.

I was also a little surprised at how little information I knew about the cars she mentioned:  Mini, Smart, Beatle, etc… Sure, I know Volkswagen Beatles but my memory is really about a friend’s ancient car not whatever they are selling now.  And sure, I do think one of those little Fiats is kind of cute.  One of the Honda cars she mentioned I had never heard of, and she mentioned a couple of obscure brands such as Citreon and Renault.  I am also surprised the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt were not in their list of options as if I was looking at a tiny city car, I would consider those in the same category, but this market research firm and their contracting car company clearly is missing the trend towards electric cars.


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