Rated Range Ranges

After publishing the Rated Range Survey results, I got some interesting responses on the forums.  I did not hear anyone still arguing that rated range is dependent upon driving habits.  Also there seems to be a consensus that rated range can vary from day to day and also is not particularly predictable.  The thought is that to truly judge your battery, a complete charge is required.  I just avoid these charges unless I truly need them for an unusual long distance drive.

Outliers Likely Did a Compete Charge

Outliers Likely Did a Compete Charge

One person pointed out that most of the errant 85kWh data I had were from folks who did a complete charge as those numbers were all in the 265 to 277 range;  I have circled that data in the graph.  I somehow did not catch that in my analysis.  So the only true outlier is the person who reported a 203 range.

Although it seems a bit early in the lifecycle of the Model S, Plug in America is running a survey about battery degradation.  I am going to fill this form out even with my inaccurate full “daily” charge.


In the process of filling up my battery, I found an unusual situation where one morning it did not completely fill up but stopped a hair short as the picture shows.  I tried to “top it off”, but the software would not continue to fill the battery.  The next morning, I did the same process and the screen showed the battery completely filled up to the “daily” limit with almost the same rated range.

Almost Full

Almost Full

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