Haunted Doors, Again

My doors still like to self open!  I thought this problem was completely fixed a couple of months ago.   I have already written two posts on this topic:



I have been in for service twice already with my self-opening doors.  I am beginning to loose count how many door handles I have been through with this car.

The latest self opening door incident occurred a couple of weeks ago.  The passenger driver side door was open after I returned from a stroll near a beach.  I was quite surprised looking at the car as the handles were all in the open position, and this back door was open.  That back door had not been opened in a few weeks.  Other owners have had problems with the door handles, but my self opening doors seem to be unique.

I still very much like my car and so far the problems I have been experiencing have been acceptable but not ideal.

Another Self Opening door Incident

Another Self Opening door Incident

3 thoughts on “Haunted Doors, Again

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