Opening A Different Car

I came out of a store in a small shopping area, and saw a grey Model S nearby.  I walked over to the car and the passenger door handle did not retract.  I was planning to throw on the seat the small items I had in my hand.  Since I am an environmentalist, I always say “no bag please” when I buy a few items that I can carry.

I took the key fob out of my pocket and shook it a bit.  I opened the door and looked inside to find on the black seat an odd outer garment of some kind.  The coat was black with some trim.  I did not have a coat on the seat.  The water bottle also looked unusual.

I looked around and then realized.  THIS IS NOT MY CAR!  The car had identical colors inside and out along with the 21″ wheels.   My car was parked not very far away in this small parking lot.  I looked around to see who owned this car, and the one person I talked to gave me some strange looks.

I was quite surprised that my key could open another Model S.  I have been experiencing a series of strange intermittent problems:  self opening doors, rare electrical noises, occasional bluetooth connection issues and a flakey tire pressure gauge.  Perhaps these are somehow related?  I am planning to blog about these other problems soon but they are minor and I have not had the time.  My car is going in for service in August and I do have the VIN # of the other Model S.

In this area there are a lot of Teslas on the streets, but I have not seen any reports of this issue.  I did not try to drive the car.  I vaguely remember another car manufacturer having similar issues in the past.

This Photo is Not My Car!

This Photo is Not My Car!



2 thoughts on “Opening A Different Car

  1. “Since I am an environmentalist, I always say “no bag please” when I buy a few items that I can carry.” LOL your funny.

    • Glad I made you laugh!

      Actually things have changed in my county. They now charge 10 cents per bag. So I no longer have to say “no bag please”, they first ask “would you like a bag for 10 cents”. And I just say “no thank you”. Much easier than before.

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