Rated Range Survey

In an attempt to answer the question “Is rated range related to driving habits?”  We have heard from Tesla employees that there is a correlation, some drivers say no.

Please fill out this five question survey monkey after charging up your car. A summary of the data will be provided to this blog once collected. Thanks!

Rated Range and Average Energy Tesla Model S Survey

These are the five questions you will see.

1. What is your rated range after a full non-range mode charge?
2. What is the Average Energy for your car? This info is under Controls / Trip. Please provide the data for the longest distance trip available
3. What is the Distance given in the “distance column” in the same line?
4. What version of OS is your Model S on? 4.4 <enter 4>, 4.5 <enter 5>, don’t know <enter 0>
5. Is your Model S battery 60kwH or 85kwH?


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