Buelleton Supercharger

I recently visited the Buelleton supercharger.  These superchargers are located in a Marriott hotel parking lot right off 101 in central California.  I’m not as fond of this location as I am of the Atascadero location.

Although the Marriott has a restaurant, their vegetarian options at lunch were limited — a salad or a cheese quesadilla.  There is a McDonald’s right next door, and a few other restaurants one could walk to but nothing that strongly appealed to me.  Since the Atascadero supercharger is about an hour away, I just topped off and headed further up the road.

The superchargers are located right next to a movie theater.  Some of the chargers spots can be used by movie goers after 8pm.

Movie Theater Behind Bulleton Superchargers

Movie Theater Behind Bulleton Superchargers

3 thoughts on “Buelleton Supercharger

  1. Huh? That kinda bites. 2 hour parking except while charging–it should say only EVs can park there at all. So a succession of cars, 12-8 PM, can ICE the spot…short movies, or people who’re parking there for other reasons…then outside those hours, any non-EV can park however long…bummer.

    • I suspect outside of evening movie hours, no one ever parked in these spots. I think the hotel has a sufficient guest parking as does the McDonalds. Across the street is an open field. And this is not a large multiplex, and Buelleton is a small town with less than 5,000 people.

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