Atascadero Supercharger

I recently visited the Atascadero supercharger.  So far this supercharger is my favorite of all of those that I have visited.  The supercharger is conveniently located just of Highway 101 in central California in the small town of Atascadero.  The actual charging stations are located behind a bank.  I’m not crazy about having to back into the parking space but over time I am sure this will become more natural.

I like this supercharger because there are a lot of dining options.  The Tesla Motors’ web site lists six:  Starbucks, Denny’s, Subway, Cold Stone Creamery, Que Pasa and Round Table Pizza.  On my two visits, I ate at two separate independent restaurants I found on yelp.  A short walk to the northwest on Traffic Way is a restaurant called Fig, and to the southeast a restaurant called Thai Elephant.  Both were high quality restaurants and well worth the extra walk.

A second reason I like Atascadero is that I found the locals to be extremely friendly both in the restaurants and at the superchargers.  The superchargers are located in the path of the drive-up window at Rabobank.  I think a lot of locals have been curious about them as they routinely drive by the location.  I had several people stop and ask me about the car.

Atascadero Supercharger

Atascadero Supercharger


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