Curb Rash 21″

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the tradeoffs between 19″ and 21″ tires.

I have had my car for three months now, and I have two wheels with curb rash.  There are a few reasons I have gotten curb rash:

  • The obvious reason that the wheel itself is flush with the tire, leaving no extra rubber jutting out to protect the wheel from the curb.
  • The car is so new, I tend to want to not park too close to other vehicles, so I end up scraping the curbs.
  • The parking spaces are generally small in the Bay Area, and there are a lot of “compact” parking spaces.  I have yet to park the Model S in a compact parking space.
  • The Model S is a very wide car.  Wider than my Highlander and wider than the mid-sized Mercedes I owned before the Roadster.

Tesla does sell some touch-up paint for the wheels for $20.00.  I am in no rush to fix the curb rash as I figure I may scratch the wheels some more.

Regardless, here are some photos of my curb rash.

Worst Curb Rash - Front Right

Worst Curb Rash – Front Right

Minor Curb Rash - Front Right

Minor Curb Rash – Front Right

Very Minor Curb Rash - Back Right

Very Minor Curb Rash – Back Right


10 thoughts on “Curb Rash 21″

  1. I’m eagerly anticipating the factory pickup of my car next week and have enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. I’m in the bay area as well so many of your posts were relevant to me. Thanks for keeping up this informative site!

  2. If it makes you feel better the Service Center techs aren’t having any better luck on the curb rash:

    Your rim 21″ design is less than optimum for a set of Wheel Bands…but, here’s another Tesla owner with 21″ wheels giving it a go:

    And wouldn’t you know it? The 19″ design has the wide flat at the lip of the rim for optimum mounting of Wheel Bands.

    • Interesting. The first link you shows doesn’t work because the official Tesla motors forum does not support links. You can use to find it. The customer with the curb rash on delivery actually had 19″ wheels not 21″. I suspect the vast majority of curb rash is happening with 21″ wheels.

  3. My body repair company (did not have body damage) brought a wheel guy in, who fixed my husband’s 14″ rash, during which encounter he dug out two gashes at the worst impact area. They were good as new $350. Costly, but cheaper than eplacement, and now at least i don’t suffer when i look at my car. On the the next mistake. Bank drive-thru’s are the worst.

  4. Alloygators work well – from UK at about $125 per set of 5 – I rashed one of my wheels badly, put the Gator on and the rash disappears – later my wife hit the curb pretty hard with the Gators in place, and – no damage – well worth the investment – can be self installed in about 2 hours –

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  6. The same thing just happened to us on our new Model S 😦 I saw a forum post about a Tesla “rim blade” solution that others seemed to have success with. Do you know or have hear anything about that?

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