Version 4.5

I don’t have version 4.5 installed on my car yet, but I am excited about one particular feature – adjustable charging.  There are two settings called “daily” and “trip”.  “Daily” perhaps used for around town driving and the “trip” for a road trip.  This feature allows you to keep the charge lower for routine driving.  A lower state of charge helps preserve battery life.  The screen shot implies that the owner would specify daily somewhere between 50-90% charge, and trip driving above that range.  The longer trip driving would be used for the less frequent times when you need a full charge.

I like this charge control for another reason – keeping the car at a lower state of charge for vacations.  The daily setting could be lowered to a 50% charge while on  vacation.  This control is even better than the Roadster’s Vacation Storage Mode.  The old vacation setting didn’t maintain a state of charge to a particular amount.

Here is the screenshot I found on the web.

New Charging Feature

New Charging Feature

Other 4.5 features include

  • Supercharger locations on the map application
  • All previous charging locations will be stored for easy navigation
  • Higher resolution font for the maps
  • Configurable contacts sorting by first or last name
  • Normal and maximum defrost mode for front windshield
  • When plugged in, the car will use energy from the source not the battery to cool the car or other functions.
  • Fixed a battery heating bug.  Explanation a bit unclear in the release notes.

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