Service Complaints

If I make a call into the service center and leave a message, how long is a reasonable turnaround for a call back?

I have been waiting 3 days, or 72 hours so far for a return call or email.  I provided a telephone number, my email and even my VIN # for reference.  My problem is not urgent, but I don’t think it is particularly safe to drive around a car that can open its door randomly without any warning.  So far this problem has happened only when stopped but that could allow someone to enter the car or for it to rain on the interior.  I would not have this complaint if someone at least returned my call to discuss the issue or schedule an appointment sometime in the next month.

The last time I took the car in for service, I also had to call multiple times to schedule an appointment.  And I never got the promised callback to discuss the issue again after the problem occurred the first time post service.

Elon Musk recently tweeted and acknowledged the problems with service.  I am not faulting the individuals who work there as they have all been great, they are just significantly understaffed and the understaffing problem is not new.

Elon Musk's service tweet

Elon Musk’s service tweet


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