Haunted Door

Self Opening Door

Self Opening Door

My door self opened again.  Maybe it is haunted?  I had it in for service a couple of months ago.  It self opened the next day but has been quite since.  I also got a software update shortly afterwards.

The self opening door this time came by surprise.  I had no issues with the door opening by itself since the day after the service call.

The day of the haunting, I had driven quite a few miles that day and had stopped at the Gilroy supercharger for a quick top off while checking my email.

I went to throw a few things away in a nearby trash bin and as I was walking away I heard a

“Your door is open!”

My first reaction was that maybe I left the driver door open as I was just walking maybe a few hundred feet, but instead it was my haunted door.

Sometimes the passenger side of the car does not seem as eager to present the door handles as the driver’s side, but I was thinking that perhaps the car was intentionally designed that way.

I still never got my call back from the Menlo Park service center from the last self opening door incident.  They were going to check with engineering to see if this problem was going to be fixed with the software or not.

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