California Paperwork

Outside of the normal sales paperwork, electric cars have additional paperwork in California.  The federal tax credit is part of the annual tax program, but Californians can get $2,500 from the state very quickly along with access to the carpool lane.

The Center for Sustainable Energy in California, requires four documents in order to issue a check.  The application form, proof of vehicle registration, a copy of the sales or lease contract with full itemization, and a copy of a California utility or cable bill within the last three months.

The center currently has plenty of funds.  I found them to be very friendly and helpful.  They quickly processed my information and issued a check in a reasonable amount of time.

With the carpool stickers on an EV, you can drive in the carpool lanes with only one person.  With a new car, you need to wait till you get your license plates, which in California takes less than two weeks.  The process to get the stickers is simply to fill out a form, and send in a $8 check.  I have my stickers but I am avoiding putting them on until I will be driving on at least a somewhat routine basis where they could be useful.

Right now, the white carpool stickers will expire in Jan 2015, but they will likely be extended to a further date.

California Clean Air Sticker for EVs

California Clean Air Sticker for EVs


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