“Zero E” expired

logo copy

New Temporary License “Plate”

The Tesla marketing team has replaced the Zero Emissions license plate on delivery.  Spotted on a new Model S in San Carlos.

Sorry the iphone picture quality is so bad.  Underneath the wording Tesla is the web site address.

I think the marketing department made the right choice.  Although as an environmentalist, the Zero Emissions slogan had a large appeal to me, the car can stand up against ICE cars.  And getting the Tesla name out there is a good idea.

Zero Emissions

Original Zero Emissions License “Plate”

I also noticed that there is an actual license plate frame on the new car.  Mine did not come with an actual frame, although I have always tended to take them off the car.  I generally don’t see the point of advertising a particular dealership.  And I like the car to not have the fussy frame.

Maybe the Zero Emissions plates will someday be a collectible.




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