Menlo Park Service Center

Menlo Park Service Center

Menlo Park Service Center

I have been going to the Tesla Menlo Park service center for four years now.  All of my interactions have been wonderful.  They will be closing however!  From what I understand the first reason is that Stanford owns the property and is going to build some additional facilities.  If you are on the San Francisco Peninsula, you probably have noticed a lot of Stanford buildings pop up far off campus.  There are some facilities off of 101 and even some in the Stanford Shopping Center.

The second reason I have heard is that a lot of their customers are in Santa Clara county, so they will need a service facility farther south.  Menlo Park will be divided into a service center in Sunnyvale near Wolfe Road and El Camino on the site of an old Infiniti car dealership, and the other service center will be in Burlingame.  Menlo Park is much more convenient for me than either of these locations.

I do want to give a thank you to everyone who was helped me over the years and treated me so kindly!



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