Frunk and Trunk Space

Laser Printer in Trunk

Laser Printer in Trunk

I needed to buy a laser printer, after yet another inkjet printer died, and I realized how much space I really had in the Model S.  The salesperson offered to put it into the trunk himself and even take it out of the box if needed.  He said that many cars these days cannot fit the laser printers in the box.  The laser printer weighs 50 pounds, and I put a towel around the edge to prevent it from slipping.

I would prefer that the back seats were flush with the trunk itself when down, but the towel prevented the laser printer from jostling around the car.

I wrote several posts about my Roadster and what I could and could not put into the trunk.  A general post, buying plants, and carrying a backpack.

After having no problems putting the laser printer in the car, I decided to put in all the things I had tried to put in the Roadster before into the Model S at the same time.  Kind of a silly but fun exercise. These items included:

1.  Aforementioned laser printer and paper

2.  Suitcase

3.  Three coolers

4.  Four reusable grocery bags – empty but placed with enough room if they were full.

5.  Beach chair

6.  Medium sized golf bag and cart

7  Two trays of plants

8.  Backpack

I successfully fit all the items into the trunk and frunk and the same time.  I have no idea why someone would travel with all these items at the same time but it is a good demonstration of how much storage space is in the car.

Full Trunk

Full Trunk


Full Frunk


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