Panoroof Screen

I made an unexpected discovery today.  We have had an unexpectedly dry and warm February, and today on the first of March will hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  I decided to open the Panoramic roof.

I have noticed two areas of very minor noise in my car.  One sounded like a radio buzz that showed up very infrequently the first week but has since subsided completely.  The second noise was a wee tiny rattle on the Panoramic roof.  I wasn’t hearing the noise but decided to feel around for anything loose.

Surprisingly I discovered that the roof has a little screen in the front that comes up when open.  When you are driving you can put your hand up there and push the contraption down quite easily.

I am guessing the screen is to keep dirt away from the car?  Or perhaps to aid aerodynamics?  Not really sure.

UPDATED:  Turns out this little screen is to avoid loud thump noises at high speed and is standard on most cars.  I think what is so different to me is the height of it.  On my Highlander, the extension is still flush with the roof, and feels just like a gizmo in the well, and is invisible from the outside.  The Model S screen feels like a visor and is mesh not solid.

Panoramic Roof from Behind

Panoramic Roof from Behind

Close up of Screen

Close up of Screen

Panoramic Roof Lever

Panoramic Roof Lever

Full Panoramic Roof from Front

Full Panoramic Roof Screen from Front


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