Any Song Any Time

Okay, so I didn’t know my car had the “play any song any time” feature.  But I have not yet cracked open the manual. Elon Musk just demonstrated this to Bloomberg news here.

I decided to try what Elon was doing in the video.  The feature is basically searching through Slacker.  You can do it either through the touchscreen or through voice commands.  I found the touch screen to be easier.

Search Slacker

Search Slacker

On the video, Elon and the reporter were doing it through voice commands.  On the steering column is a small voice button.

Voice Command Button

Voice Command Button

In the manual on page 19, it says you can use the following commands:

Listen to Any Song – “Listen to” or “Play”  name of song follow it with the word “By” and  album or artist.

Phone Call – say “Call” or “Dial” followed by the first and last name.

Navigate – say “Drive”, “Navigate” or “Where is” followed by an address, business name, business category or landmark.

Once you hit the button, the screen says “Recording”.  HOLD the button down while you are speaking.  Otherwise it will stop recording and you will get the “Unable to Process” error.  I assumed at first it was my voice as these machines generally have not liked me, but Todd Burch on the Tesla Motors Club Forum, clarified that the speaker button requires you to keep it held down.

Unable to Process

Unable to Process

I asked for Beautiful by James Blunt, and it brought up the screen, and I was able to select the correct song, when I held the button down.




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