Faux Shuffle Songs

I have been listening to a lot more music in my Model S than I had in the Roadster or my Toyota Highlander.  And for the first time, I have a car that can play classical and other “serious” music with decent quality.  I actually have a huge range of musical taste, but classical needs a better audio system than other musical genres.

I had read several complaints on the internet about lack of a shuffle songs in the car.  I found a solution I like better than the “Shuffle Songs” you get on an ipod.  You can easily mimic shuffling songs by category by selecting one song in a list, and it plays subsequent songs alphabetically.  This will mimic the ipod shuffle songs.

Although the algorithm is alphabetical, I never found the Apple ipod shuffle songs to be perfect either.  Shuffle songs on my ancient ipod does not distinguish between chapters that are books on tape, and often seemed to play the same genre or album repetitively.  I don’t think there is any 100% random algorithm.

Just select one song

Just select one song


What I also like to do is select just one Genre, and pick a random song to start with in the alphabet.  That way rock, folk, world music, classical, “Books and Spoken”  and other genres are not all mixed in.

Faux Shuffle on Classical

Faux Shuffle on Classical



3 thoughts on “Faux Shuffle Songs

  1. Regarding there being no 100% random algorithm, I read an explanation of this a while back–what you’re looking for isn’t RANDOM, but EVEN DISTRIBUTION, which is NOT random. Random selections, numbers, dice rolls you make yourself with a physical die, etc. can repeat or cluster–that is the nature of randomness, you can’t predict the next one and it could be ANY selection, even the same one. (Caveat: Maybe not the same one, if it’s like the iTunes shuffle, which plays the list in a random order–see link below.)

    But what you and many folks want really is more even distribution based on various criteria (mix up fast/slow, various genres, don’t repeat groups too close together, etc.). The last few paragraphs of this article…
    …touch on the seeming non-randomness, but the whole articles interesting re. the iPod shuffle thing, too.

    (Re. our old iPod, do you have “skip when shuffle” marked for your audiobook tracks?)

    • I was being a bit obscure in thinking of random number generating algorithms, as computers can’t be truly random although they do a very good job of it.

      I agree, the bigger problem is what you have described. I never knew you could mark things as for skip when shuffle, and I am now doing so on iTunes. Thanks!

      • Glad to help! I love skip-when-shuffle, although I generally use smart playlists, which I also recommend. My main playlist excludes not just audiobooks but holiday music (which I’m usually not in the mood for) or classical (which I usually want to listen to only all together, not mixed in with rock) or a few other types.

        BTW random.org claims to provide truly random numbers, based on atmospheric noise…probably overkill for iPod shuffling but a nifty idea. 😉

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