Gilroy Supercharger

101 at Leavesley Road

101 at Leavesley Road

Last week I took my first visit to a Tesla supercharger.  My battery was about half full.  I did not particularly need to visit the charger but decided to give it a try.  I stopped, filled it up and had lunch at the nearby sandwich shop. The supercharger is not particularly obvious to find.  The Gilroy Premium Outlets have four separate strip mall areas and seas of parking. The listed address on the Tesla web page is 101 at Leavesley Road.  If you click through the link, you’ll end up in the middle of one of the mall’s parking lots.

Charger in Middle of Mall Parking Lot

Charger in Middle of Mall Parking Lo

After looking around for a minute or two, I decided to call Tesla at their convenient 800 number to get pointed in the right direction quickly.

I think it is better to think of the superchargers on San Ysidro not in the mall itself.  Go north on San Ysidro Avenue and make a right into the parking lot.  The charger is right behind the bus stop.

Clearer Map to Gilroy Supercharger

Clearer Map to Gilroy Supercharger

The Tesla supercharger is not screamingly obvious. I was sort of expecting a large sign of some kind given it is coming out of their marketing budget.  The person on the phone indicated that more signage might be coming but that the first priority was getting the charger stations installed.

It is right in-between the Sony store to the North, and the Gilroy Inn to the south.

When I arrived the middle of a Friday, no one else was at the superchargers.  When I left, another car was at the Tesla supercharger, and a BMW retrofit was at the nearby generic public charging station.

Just in case you are curious what the name “San Ysidro” comes from, he was the Catholic patron saint of animals and of Madrid.  The name Isidore has Greek origins.

Looking to the North

Looking to the North

Looking to the South

Looking to the South


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