Delivery Information

Delivery Details

Delivery Details

I recently got an email to clarify information for my delivery.  The request asks for the following information.

Registration :  This section includes a double check of the address, names of the persons on the registration, and whether this car is for business or personal use.

Delivery:  The choice whether you want the car delivered to a particular address or you want a factory tour.  I want a factory tour!  You can also pick up the car at a local service center.  This page also lists your delivery window.

Charging:  This page deals with setting up your outlets and whether you would like Solar City to call you.  I already have a high power connector for the Roadster, and simply need an adaptor, which is not listed on this page.  I have already had solar for six years.

Trade In:  This page asks whether you would like to trade in a vehicle.  I have decided to sell my Roadster through another venue that I will explain in a later post.

Financing:  Tesla has arrangements with several national banks to finance the vehicle.  I will pay cash.

License Plate:  The car is built without a front license plate bracket.  The factory will install one for you if you choose, or you can add one at a service center later.  The front license plate does drill holes into the bumper, and has a very slight aerodynamic impact.


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