Ton-Miles Per kwH

A month ago I wrote a blog post entitled Efficiency Comparisons.  I have now added two cars, the Rav4 electric and the Fiat 500e, and also added in a new metric Ton-Miles/kwH.

The Ton-Miles / kwH is an interesting metric.  What this metric illustrates is how efficient the technology is to push a vehicle along the road.  The Model S is a heavier larger car than all the others.  The highest MPGe is the Roadster with a close second the Fiat 500e, which is at least a reasonably attractive car.

Ton-Miles / kwH

Ton-Miles / kwH

2 thoughts on “Ton-Miles Per kwH

  1. Can we compute Ton-miles per kWh performance for Model 3? i.e., do we have enough published information regarding this? I understand from today’s tweets by @elonmusk that the maximum battery capacity for Model 3 is 75kWh.

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