Taxes and Timing

I put my reservation in a couple of weeks ago, but have been waiting to finalize my Model S.  Why?

I wanted to make sure I could get the federal tax credit.  I unfortunately did not get the tax credit with my Roadster.  I do not want to throw away $7,500.  My taxes, tax deduction and income generation for 2012 are fine tuned so that I would not get the credit this year.  I can easily adjust things next year to be able to get the credit.

My reservation specialist told me to wait till at least after the 20th, and I will be definitely safe to finalize by the 24th.  Since I am in the Roadster, Friends and Family program they will put me in the front of the line.  I don’t want them to build my car in 2012.  I think a lot of reservation holders have also delayed their delivery till 2013 for this reason or in anticipation of potentially higher taxes next year because of the fiscal cliff.



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