Reservation Bump

Since I own my Roadster, I fall under the category of “Roadster Friends and Family”.

Having worked in high tech for many years, I had witnessed some abuse of this category to give a little too much pre-IPO stock to a CEO’s relatives or personal friends.  I like people to be treated fairly and evenly. In this case, my reservation number changes but there is no financial transaction changes.

I am taking this special treatment as a “thank you”.  Thank you for believing in Tesla, putting $75,000 down on a car in 2006 after meeting with us at an electric car event at a high school parking lot.

So I am basically now in the front of the line.  As soon as I finalize my car, they will fit me in the line.

After a couple of days after making the first reservation, I got an email saying my reservation sequence number is now 555, which is in code speak the front of the line.

I had not expected to be able to get the car so quickly, so I now have been working out all the details on what exact configuration I want.





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