Model S Reservation

On November 27, 2012 I decided to put a reservation in for a Model S.  When I initially bought the Roadster, I thought at some point I would get an electric sedan.  I was in no rush to do so as I was very happy with the Roadster.  I also delayed looking into all the details of the model S until things had settled down with the car.

There were several factors that lead me to make the decision to put in a reservation for the Model S.

1.  The announcement of the new trade in program for the Roadster by Tesla.  With this program, I knew there would be a painless option for converting to a sedan.  Negotiating is not a strong skill for me, so this program gave me piece of mind as a backup plan.

2.  The $2,500 year end price increase.  Why pay $2,500 more if you don’t have to?

3.  The experience at the dealership.  I spent a few hours asking a lot of questions.  I never felt pushed into buying a car or making a reservation.  I went on a test drive after making the reservation. The visit was during mid week and they squeezed me in.

4.  The car itself.  The Model S was more than I expected.  I walked in without a lot of expectations.  I was very impressed with the progress Tesla has made in the last four years.  I will write more about this in future posts.

5.  Why not?  The deposit was completely refundable if I changed my mind.  I had put a $75,000 refundable deposit with the Roadster, a $5,000 refundable deposit seemed very reasonable.







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