Tesla Owner Review

I have had my car and this blog for 3 1/2 years now.  From time to time I look at the statistics and what google searches are used to find the blog.  The most common theme is someone looking for an honest opinion from an actual Tesla owner.  The search terms are things like:

Tesla owner review long-term comments impressions actual

I thought it was time to give a summary review of my experiences.

I have driven 27,000 miles in 3 1/2 years.  I drive the Roadster as my primary car and have a Toyota Highlander Hybrid as my second car.

I have had no significant problems with my car.  The minor quirks I have experienced were quirks and far less than would be expected from a brand new company and a brand new vehicle.

Tesla customer service has been fabulous.  Everyone has been very nice, accommodating and easily available by phone or email.

The car is great fun to drive.  When driving anything else I quickly realize how slow ordinary cars are to pick up speed.

The Roadster is a tiny sports car.  Because of the sports car nature, the car is not that easy to get in and out of or carry giant objects.  But if you are healthy and going to the grocery store, the car size is simply not a problem.

I have never had a problem with the range.  I can very comfortably go on a 120 mile trip at fast speeds without worrying about running out of charge.  I have no range anxiety, I simply know how far I can travel at 65-70 mph.

I have yet to notice any battery degradation after 3 1/2 years.  I do keep my car in storage mode while traveling and live in an ideal Mediterranean climate.

I power the car using solar panels on my house.  I have not done all the calculations on this but I think sometime this year, I will have already paid for my solar panels.  Driving the car from that point forward will be free from an electrical standpoint.

I can’t imagine having a non-electric car as my main car ever again.  I may at some point opt for a slightly larger electric car.

On a “Spare the Air Day” when there is a lot of pollution in the air, I do not feel guilty driving the Tesla.

I feel great helping the environment by driving an electric car powered from the roof.


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