Powertrain Problem

Last week I was driving to a hiking spot in Northern California along some windy mountain roads.  Just before arriving there my car encountered some shallow potholes, and the car stalled with the error “Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe”.

"Powertrain Problem Restart When Safe"


I restarted the car successfully, drove less than a mile to the hiking spot, and called my friendly service person at Tesla.  He said if the car started again, the car is likely fine but they will look over the car for me “just in case”.  I proceeded to enjoy my hike and saw some deer.  Tesla looked over my car, looked at the fault in the computer log, and road tested it to try to reproduce the problem.  The roadster is fine.


If a pothole causes this error message, the car restarts immediately, and the car experiences no errors in the next ten miles or so, the car problem was just a temporary glitch from the bad pothole and not a serious error.  The roads in California have deteriorated significantly in the last ten years.



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