Tesla is a Brick?

Tesla has recently received some brad press about the fact that the battery will wear out if left unplugged for extended periods of time.  There are five reported cases of the Roadster being bricked.

One angry owner left it unplugged while remodeling a house and a Japanese customer also kept it unplugged while trying to work out his electrical needs.  When I received the Tesla, I was told definitively and clearly that you need to keep the car plugged in!  I have gone so far as I always plug the car in when arriving home, just makes it easier to make it a daily habit.  Any product is going to have problems when it is not treated well and according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Two of the other reported bricking situations are unclear.  The one that is of most concern is the situation with an owner who was using a 100 foot long plug.  I don’t know the details of this what happened with this case, but I would assume Tesla would definitely need to replace the battery in this situation.

For me, I think the reporting I have seen on Tesla as a brick is too negative towards Tesla and too sympathetic for irresponsible customers.  The original report is here.

The Roadster is Not a Bunch of Bricks

2 thoughts on “Tesla is a Brick?

  1. Someone needs to figure out how to reset the battery management system so the car can again be charged once towed to a power source. Maybe tesla should offer a rescue service with their GPS tracking service. They could disbatch a mobile charging rig that has a gas generator to power the cars charger “in the field”.

    • The problem is that if you let the battery completely die after weeks or months left unplugged, no power source can save the battery.

      On the newer vehicles, Tesla corporate will get a warning if the battery is left unplugged for far too long.

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