Charging Station Safety

After using a charging station as I described in my earlier post, I began to wonder about the safety of having an expensive unlocked plug in a public garage.  These plugs have quite a bit of perhaps valuable metal in them and could perhaps be sold for scrap metal.  The thought crossed my mind as I saw a Nissan Leaf parked with a bicycle lock around their plug.

Nissan Leaf with a Faux Lock

Although the lock is clearly around the cord, an astute observer can see that it is probably quite possible with a minor amount of fiddling to remove the cord without unlocking the bike lock.  When looking around the lot, I did conclude that my Tesla and its plug were safe for a few reasons:  this particular garage has 24 hour security, the elevators are right next to the electric parking, and a security camera video camera points right at the four charging stations.

After a four day trip, my cord and car were still in the public garage.

Unlocked Cord in a Public Garage

I would love the hear any comments about the safety of public charging stations.


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