Charging Stations 1 of 2

After 2 1/2 years of ownership, I finally took my Roadster to the first electric car charging station.  I was going on a short flight on an official “Spare the Air Day” and decided to take the Tesla to the airport.  The public airport garage has a four electric parking stations.  When I arrived, the actual covered garage was “full” and they were directing arrivals to an open lot.  I winded my way to the electric car spots on the 2nd floor, and found only one other electric car there a Nissan Leaf.

One Tesla, One Leaf, Four Spots

When I returned from my trip, there were three cars in the four spots:  Two Teslas and one Leaf:

Two Teslas, One Leaf, Four Spots

There are several advantages for using an electric car in this public parking garage:

1.  Prime spots right next to the main elevator on a low floor.

2. Available parking even when the garage is completely full!  This advantage may change over time if more electric cars are driven and there are not increased parking spots available.

3. Free energy


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