Flaky Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Unfortunately after a month trip away from home, I returned home to a dead solar inverter.  I think it died exactly the same time I left.  My supplier has ordered a new one but it has not yet arrived.  I will have ended up losing probably two months worth of peak energy production this year.

I don’t have a fancy system for tracking the power production and usage.  I have just been looking at the bills from the electricity company, which are a bit cryptic.  There is a small light on the inverter when it is on but I am not the type of person to notice whether a light is on or off.

I have had solar for five years now and the inverter is warrantied for ten years.  The system will be completely paid for in a few years before the inverter warranty expires.  The panels themselves are warrantied for over twenty five years.  Solar is a great long term investment and I am always surprised how few people install the panels.

I was surprised to find this morning that my inverter came back to life.  Nevertheless a new one is on the way.  My supplier says he has now switched to a more reliable brand.

Solar Inverter Working Again?


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