EV Charging Stations

I may be a bit skeptical, but I doubt I will be using any of the EV charging stations.  Here is a list of my reasons:

1.  The EV charge is not as quick as filling up gasoline.  I wouldn’t want to sit and wait at a charging station.

2.  I would have to really plan a trip ahead of time around the charging station locations to find somewhere to spend that time.  It would be unlikely I would be hungry at the same time my car needed more electricity.  The joy for me of a road trip includes unstructured time.

3.  $750 for the Tesla converter is not a small amount of money.

4.  For a long road trip on a freeway, I would honestly rather be in a more luxurious car.

These public charging stations could be useful for someone whose job or apartment was nearby a charging station.


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