Dirt Accumulator

Accumulated Dirt on the Roadster

I am not sure what the correct name of this part of the car is but I do know that it can get filthy in the rain.  Fortunately for me, it does not rain here too much so this is not a big problem.  But when it rains a lot, a lot of water and debris can accumulate on the section of the car you step over to get into the seat.  I didn’t really notice this too much until I wondered why my pants had unexpected amounts of dirt on them.  The service department told me that there is not a fix for this, and engineering is busy working on the model S.  They did say that a lot of other Tesla customers have complained about this problem.

3 thoughts on “Dirt Accumulator

  1. I fixed a rubber draft strip €3,50, bought in the DYS shop, untder the door on the driver side— problem solved.
    The factory should easy solve this problem inthe feature

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