Range Could Be an Issue

I have often read articles discussing electric cars that contain a lot of concern about the range.  I think these concerns are significantly overblown as most of our travels are close to home.

Running low on battery with 22 miles left

I have a few regular excursions where my trip is around 100 miles round trip including today.  This morning, I had the unfortunate circumstance of being stuck behind a big accident.  A jack-knifed big rig blocked three of the five lanes of a local bridge.  Even during the low traffic of a Sunday morning, this accident increased my trip by a full hour.  I think a part of the delay was also the unusual location of the accident right where the five lanes came together from three different locations.

I had a choice to turn around and take another bridge.  But I was guessing the other bridge was around 20 miles away…  would the electric car make it that far, to my destination, and the two small side trips on my way home???

I decided to wait in traffic, and when I got home I was glad I did.  My battery was very low, and just as I drove into my driveway I got the notice that my battery was nearly empty.  Looking in detail at the map, I calculated that avoiding the traffic by taking the second bridge would have added around 50 extra miles to my trip, and probably running my battery out of juice.

The limited range of my Tesla did not let me turn around to take a very long detour.


One thought on “Range Could Be an Issue

  1. I was taking our roadster to Seattle for its second annual maintenance. We normally stop for breakfast about 100 miles out and charge for an hour at an RV park next to the restaurant. Then we have gone another 100 miles to a public charge station. Last month, my mobile charge wouldn’t recognize the RV park power. I called the maintenance guy to ask if I could get to the next charge station–113 miles away. (I was showing only 110 miles of range in range mode.) He said, “Slow down to 55mph, and you’ll be fine.” I slowed to 55 mph and reached the HPC charging station with 25 miles showing in range mode. Charged for a couple of hours (at 70 amps) and made it to the Tesla store with 50 miles in the tank. I am becoming a real believer that low speed means very little battery use. The more I drive it far, the less range anxiety I have.

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