Orange Illinois Roadster

Yesterday here in California, I spotted an orange Tesla Roadster with Illinois plates on the freeway.  I was driving another car at the time, so I did not wave at the owner.  I was wondering why a car with Illinois plates would be in California.  Did the owner move cross-country?  Did they drive cross-country with their car?   Idle curiosity.


5 thoughts on “Orange Illinois Roadster

  1. You should have waved. Unfortunately I cannot claim to have driven cross country. I shipped the Roadster in. It will be heading back East soon.

  2. I’m thinking of owning a Tesla. Have read a lot on it, all good reports. Been looking for a forum where Tesla owners make open comment on the bad and ugly as well as the good. Do either of you have anything to pass on or is it all good?

  3. Hmmm… I think this blog is balanced, I definitely try to be. I really can’t complain about my car. The one thing that did bother me for a while was the Radio Reception, which has been fixed to my satisfaction.

    The real purchase decision in my mind for anyone considering buying the car is to ask yourself is “this the car you really want” and “can you afford it”.

    The Roadster is a true electric sports car. I was more interested in the electric aspect than the sport aspect, so at times the fact that I have a wee tiny car that is hard to get in and out of can cross my mind but it performs great for what it is — an electric sports car.

    Since I am not a sports car fanatic, I do get a bit annoyed at the cost of insurance and yearly registration fees but I can afford it.

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