Storage Mode Discharge

Because of medical reasons, I have been unable to drive my Roadster for eight weeks.  This car is not for the elderly or unfit!

Before the incident, I had the car plugged in at a full charge.  Eight weeks later, the car is about half full.  As I reported in a previous post, the discharge rate of the battery is again more than the claimed 2-3% per month.  The weather here in California has been cold with the garage probably between 40-50 degrees Farenheit.


Battery Discharge After Eight Weeks




3 thoughts on “Storage Mode Discharge

  1. Hi. I’m considering purchasing a Tesla. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
    Has anyone explained the high discharge rate?
    Tesla added to the PO an option for a replacement battery on original purchase instead of later. How long before the battery will have to be replaced? Did you prepurchase the replacement battery?
    The sales person said the battery will last for 3 years, what do you think?
    Do you think replacement batteries will go down in price?
    Did you get the performance package and if yes would you do it again?
    Thanks, look forward to your answers and any other info you might provide.

  2. I have not heard any explanations why the discharge rate in storage mode is so fast. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the lifetime of the battery either.

    I decided to not to pre-purchase the replacement battery. First, I have never owned a sports car before and I may downgrade at some point to some simpler electric vehicle. So there is a reasonable chance at some point, I may sell the car. I would seriously doubt that the buyer would give me a fair value for the “battery coupon”.

    Another reason is that I can’t really predict how long these batteries will last. I have friends who bought one of the original Priuses and their battery lasted an awful lot longer than expected. My Toyota Highlander Hybrid’s battery is also doing fine. Who knows where battery technology will be when I do need to replace it.

    My Tesla is one of the original ones, where I put down my money far before the car was built and before there were different packages. So choosing a performance package was not an option at that time.

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