Radio Reception Fix!

My number one complaint about the Tesla Roadster has been the terrible radio reception.  I wrote about the problem here in two previous posts: Radio Reception part 1 and part 2.

Finally, I have a fix that works.  Tesla installed along the right side of my front windshield an antenna.  The carbon fiber body was blocking a lot of the radio reception.  By bringing the antenna away from the body, the reception is vastly improved.

My one week of driving and listening to my favorite AM radio station has shown that the reception is good.  Not as strong as other cars that I have owned but definitely in the acceptable range.  I have only experienced static very briefly while passing under overhead electrical wires on a windy hilly road.  I am very happy now that I can listen again to KGO.

The antenna is covered with a piece of black plastic and is not visible.

Right Windshield w/ Antenna

Right Windshield w/ Antenna

Tesla is only adding this antenna on a complaint basis.  So owner’s who are not happy with their reception need to let Tesla know and they will fix this for free.


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