A “Gift” Box of Nothing

I have always wondered why companies like to give customers trinkets.  I rarely find any of the trinkets of interest.  Tesla recently followed that marketing trend and mailed a box of trinkets to owner’s homes.  I am not a fan of these trinkets as I do not find them useful, need to find a way to dispose of them and lament their unnecessary carbon footprint.  The box contains the following:

Box of Nothing Really

1.  A ceramic Tesla mug – probably the best thing in the box.  I may keep this for a short time.

2. A hot beverage portable mug.  Unfortunately the inside is plastic which probably has BPAs.  I plan on giving this to Goodwill or an equivalent charity.

3.  A Tshirt.  Of reasonable material.  Of course, unlikely to fit.   Goodwill.

4. A baseball cap.  I just don’t wear baseball caps myself.  I may keep this for a bit for the odd chance I may wear a baseball cap.

5. A bunch of note card sized brochure things.  Don’t have a clue what Tesla thinks owners would do with these.  I put these in the recycle bin.

6.  A bunch of playing card sized VIP things.  I guess Tesla thinks we would give these out to friends.  I put these in the recycle bin.

7.  A Hot Wheels Tesla car.  Goodwill.

Kind of a shame that there is nothing in this box of any interest.  Would have been much nicer to have just one correctly sized shirt or something than a box of really nothing.


2 thoughts on “A “Gift” Box of Nothing

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