Yearly Maintenance

My car just went into Tesla for its yearly maintenance; the service is recommended once a year or every 12,000 miles.  My Roadster had around 9,000 miles on it.

The service included a general check of the car, battery, tires and an update to the firmware.  They replaced all my HVAC knobs.  The original versions were poorly made as I reported earlier.  They also replaced the floor mats with a new model that has a hook attachment and is less likely to shift around.

The service costs $600 under warranty.  I was a little disappointed with the cost of the service.  Since electrical cars are simpler in design, the maintenance costs should eventually be cheaper than a gas powered car.


3 thoughts on “Yearly Maintenance

  1. Wow those are some expensive knobs and floor mats. How long did it take to do the service, and what was the labor rate?

    • The new floor mats and knobs were part of the warranty service. They charged me 23.84 for new batteries for my keys and 39.38 for a new wiper blade. I could not find the labor rate listed per hour.

      I’m not sure on exactly how long they took to service my car.

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