Performance in the Rain

Raining Cats and Dogs

California has been deluged in rain for the last week.  For the most part, the Roadster performs very well in the rain.  However, I am not particularly fond driving the Tesla when it is raining cats and dogs.  The reasons below have to do with the fact that the Tesla is a tiny low car — not because it is an electric car.

1.  Since the visibility is somewhat more limited in the Roadster than a typical car, I found it a bit challenging to see well in a downpour.

2.  Typically, other drivers really notice the Tesla.  However, I am a bit concerned in a grey heavy downpour the small car will be harder to notice.

3.  With two people in the car and very little airspace, in high humidity the inside can steam up quickly requiring heavy ventilation on the front window.

4.  Hydroplaning occurs at lower speeds with lighter cars.

5.  Driving through large deep puddles is not a great idea in such a low car.


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