Bumper Curb Clash

Tesla Bumper Next to a Concrete Curb

The Tesla Roadster is a very low car and the bumper has only 5.1″ of clearance.  The scariest thing on the road may be the concrete curbs in parking lots! Many of these curbs can scrape the bottom of the bumper instead of hitting the tire.

The curb in the picture to the right is a concrete curb protecting a tree.  The concrete shape is a square set on a diagonal.  The car itself meets the curb at a 45 degree angle.  As you can see from the photo, the Tesla will have a very difficult time clearing many of these curbs.  The clearance can especially be a problem when the parking spot is not completely flat, which can drop the Roadster’s effective clearance below five inches.  After a scrape or two at the bottom of my bumper, I have learned to park the car near the back of the parking spot.


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