Radio Reception Part 2

Hybrid Car LabelIn an earlier post, I discussed the mediocre radio reception in my Tesla.  Recently on a long road trip in my other car, a hybrid, I noticed an interesting behavior of the radio.   I was about 250 miles away from home and listening to my favorite AM radio station KGO.  While coasting downhill, the gas engine turned off and the electric engine turned on.  My radio reception went from clear to quite fuzzy.  At 250 miles away, I was experiencing the same problems I have with my Tesla Roadster about 50 miles away from the radio station’s antenna.  The same problem exhibits itself in a hybrid but at a much smaller scale.  I have not heard any updates on a true fix for this radio reception problem but I have heard that the fix will require a stronger antenna or a different routing of the antenna wire.


2 thoughts on “Radio Reception Part 2

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