Valet Mode

Valet Mode DisplayOn the Roadster is a nice but not perfect feature: valet mode.  Twice I have needed to hand over the keys to my car to a valet – once at a nice restaurant and a second time to a parking lot attendant in a sketchy neighborhood.

The valet feature is a log of the valet’s activities.  The computer logs the number of miles, the top speed, the number of unlock attempts and the number of trunk openings.  While driving in valet mode, I did get up to 75 miles per hour.  Rumors exist that Tesla will limit the valet mode top speed to 50 miles per hour in the future.  I think the very visible screen is a large deterrent already.

Handing the Roadster to the valet is a bit awkward.  The Tesla has a little remembered feature that the doors are locked while your key is in the ignition.  The attendant is trying to be gracious by opening the car door.  But you are busy turning off the car and setting the car in valet mode.

The first valet had parked a Tesla before, but the parking lot attendant was a little confused and I needed to explain to him how to get in and out of the car.


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