Vacation Storage Mode

While away from home and not driving the car for around two weeks, I always charge the Tesla in storage mode.   Storage mode should extend your battery life as it maintains the charge at about 50% of capacity.  What can be a bit alarming is that when you leave on your trip, you have a certain amount of charge and upon returning from your trip you may have significantly less charge.

Charge Before Vacation and After Vacation

Charge Before and After Vacation

The loss of charge in the car is due to the batteries inherent self-discharge rates.  For Lithium ion batteries, the rate should be 2-3% per month, but my non-scientific observation is that the self-discharge rate on my Roadster is higher than that when starting from a fuller charge.  I try to run down the battery to about 50% charge before the start of a vacation.

Annoying Storage Mode Warning

Annoying Storage Mode Warning

The advantage of storage mode is that it extends the life of the battery significantly.  I have on occasion tried to use the storage mode on a regular basis as I do not often need the full range capacity of the Roadster.  Driving the car in storage mode is a bit problematic because the car repeatedly and unnecessarily warns you about the storage mode.




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