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On August 7th, Tesla sent out an email outlining a referral program for the customers who have an early Roadster or a deposit on a model S. If you want to buy a Roadster and give them my name when you first call or email Tesla, I will get a check for $500 within thirty days of your car delivery.

The program is not a bad idea but the marketing of the program is a bit too aggressive for my taste. Here is what they suggest:

1. Send your friends an email. They have a form on their web site that reminds me of an email form you may send to a politician.   The suggested email contents are as follows:

I’m a customer and fan of Tesla Motors, the American electric car company that makes a sports car that’s faster than a Porsche and twice as energy efficient as a Toyota Prius. Thanks to Tesla’s customer referral program, you can now get VIP treatment and a test drive of the highly acclaimed Tesla Roadster.

The Roadster has exceptionally responsive handling and 0-to-60 mph acceleration of 3.7 seconds. It has a range of 244 miles per charge and is extremely easy to operate, with no clutch or shifting gears. The Roadster is the *only* highway-capable electric vehicle for sale in North America and Europe. Tesla has delivered hundreds of Roadsters to customers so far, and Tesla can start production of your Roadster shortly after you place your order.

To schedule a test drive call the Tesla VIP number 650-413-4040. This is available exclusively to people referred by Tesla’s customers.

2. Talk to your friends. Sure no problem I am already doing that and writing this blog.

3. Make them a VIP and direct them to a separate web page and phone number:

4. Hold a Roadster party at your house or at a Tesla sales center. This last suggestion is a bit much. I doubt anyone who spends the significant dollars for either the Roadster or even the model S is going to make a lot of effort for one or two possible referrals. A few months ago I had a charity event highlighting the Roadster as a draw for the charity, which seems a better use of the novelty of owning one of the first EVs. I will discuss this event in a future post.

So if you plan on looking into buying a Tesla, remember to give them my name! If you don’t know me personally, drop me a comment and we can negotiate.


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