Blues – 5/10 Roadsters

Yesterday, I saw my tenth customer Roadster out on the road. I have been noticing the color choices of the customer cars. I have seen two of the cars more than once, but I believe that the remaining sightings are unique customer vehicles. Most of the other Tesla owners have been friendly and wave when they spot another owner.

Tesla did a very nice job selecting a variety of nice colors. On my prior two car purchases, I chose the best color available not a color I really liked. I like many of the colors Tesla has for the Roadsters.

Blue Colors

Blue Colors

Five out of ten of the Roadsters I have seen have been a shade of blue. Two of the Roadsters were the Glacier Blue (also the color of my car), two were Twilight Blue, and one was Electric Blue. Although these three colors are all blue, they are very different. The Glacier Blue is a soft blue that is not very accurate on the Tesla website. The Twilight Blue is a nice dark blue and the Electric blue is very vivid and saturated. In surveys, blue is the favorite color of both men and women.

One of Each Color

One of Each Color

I saw one striped car and the other four cars were the following colors: one Fusion Red (bright) and one Radiant Red (lovely), one Racing Green and one Thunder Gray. My second favorite color is the Radiant Red; the Radiant Red is a not too bright, not too dark and a very nice shade of red. Of course color preferences are very personal.


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