Roadtrip Across America

I am a bit cynical about charity efforts that mix travel and charity. I have supported some of these charities in the past, but now I question how much of the charity dollars are used to support the cost of the trip. I have seen several where 40-50% of the donations are for travel and logistics. If you want to complete a marathon, is it necessary to go to Hawaii? For the most part travel is fun and I personally think the participants who can afford it should first pay the cost of the trip and then request donations. Then those that pledge dollars know their dollars are going directly to their charity. Sadly this is rarely the case.

In relationship to Tesla, a charity called Renew America Roadtrip is driving across country in a Tesla. I think they are leaving New York today. Their sponsors include Nissan and Garmin, and the charities they support include an odd mix of the Autism Society of America, the Good Samaritan Shelter, and the Electric Auto Association among others. Their website is a bit difficult to get a good handle on their goals.

I enjoy traveling but I am not sure I would want to travel across America in my Roadster. The Roadster is a sports car not a luxury car. For a long drive with perhaps 400-500 miles on some days, I would prefer to take a larger car with a softer ride. The model S would perhaps fit the bill perfectly.



2 thoughts on “Roadtrip Across America

  1. I agree. Listening to the charity pitch was a bit vague. The best way to encourage green driving is to build great green cars.

    That said I’m busy planning my own Model S cross country trip from Freemont to Trenton, NJ.

    I’m poking around looking for folks who’ve done it in Roadsters or other electric and have a good list of comfortable charging locations and B&Bs. I’m hoping to find a string of super chargers.

    Any pointers to articles or diaries of trips would be helpful.

    Dan Dodson
    P #2124
    Trenton, NJ

    • I’m assuming you mean Fremont California? Not Freemont? Fremont was an explorer and there are a lot of things named after him: towns, roads, and schools. I know Tesla had made some arrangements with a few hotels back in the day for very convenient charging, but I don’t know much about the status of that now. With the Roadster, I would not want to do a cross country trip but a model S would be great.

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