Tesla Electric Sedan


Tesla recently announced a new sedan, the model S, and had a working prototype at the dealership.  The model S is a four-door sedan that will retail around $50K after federal tax rebates. 


Model S Sedan

Model S Sedan

Tesla is clearly trying to distinguish the model S from the Roadster.  The model S is on display with the trunk open.  The trunk has enough room with the rear seats folded down to put in a mountain bike without removing the front wheel.  A rear-facing seat will also be in the back for the soccer mom market; the car can carry up to five adults and two children. 

Model S Console

Model S Console

 There is additional storage space under the front hood. The seats are very roomy and the 17-inch control screen is gigantic.  

The model S has three battery options allowing a range up to 300 miles.  The model S is slower than the Roadster with a 0-60 rating of 5.6 seconds.



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